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CV Advice and Interview Tips

Send us your CV

Send us your CV by This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or through our online registration form. Please submit a Microsoft Word or RTF document if you can.

The following information would also be very useful for us:

1. Tell us where you'd ideally want to work, and which locations you'd consider
2. The salary you're on and the salary you're seeking
3. Work permits: please advise us of your situation if you may need one. (EU passport holders do not need work permits if applying for jobs within the EU).
4. Examples of your work:

CV Tips

What you write in your CV and how you write it will determine whether or not your get that interview.

You may have as little as 10 seconds to sell yourself to the person reading it. After that they will either put it down for the next one or read on.

The Basic Structure


Name, address, contact phone numbers and date of birth.


Dates at school and college.

Number of GCSEs / 'O' Levels, 'A' Levels, Degree - with the level.


The equipment you have used, programming skills, foreign languages.

Work History

Start with your current job and work backwards.

Include the dates you started and left each job, company name and your job title.

Write a summary of the company and a brief outline of your responsibilities including your main achievements.

Hobbies and interests: include them but make it brief - a one liner would do.

  • Keep your CV to 1-3 pages
  • Keep it concise, neat and easy to read
  • Make sure there are no date gaps
  • Check your spelling
  • Artists and web designers - include a small demonstration of your work


  • Put too much detail - keep it relevant and to the point
  • Put your current salary

The accompanying letter to Datascope should say:

1. What role you are applying for.
2. Your current salary details.
3. Your preferred locations and if you would relocate.
4. Why you want to change jobs.

For more CV tips see our graduates section - some parts are relevant for experienced people too.

Interview Tips

  • Be on time.
  • If you are delayed, ring us. We will sort it out.
  • Dress appropriately.
  • Be clean and well groomed.
  • Take a copy of your CV with you
  • Artists - take examples of your work

  • Plan some questions to ask
  • If you have something negative to say, say it in a positive way!
  • Go in enthusiastically and get that job!